Book Wrapper & Cover

Book Wrapper & Cover

Book Cover

Clear book cover to protect your school/office exercise books from wear and tear.

Made from clear and durable PolyPropylene plastic to protect your book against damages.

PolyPropylene material used is highly recyclable.

Comes with a resealable adhesive flap, for you to adjust the seal according to the thickness of the book.

Available in the following specifications:

  • A4 Textbook and Activity Book Cover
  • F5 Clear Exercise Book

PP Book Wrapper

Clear/Matte Book Cover for protecting your school/office books against wear and tear.

Made from durable, recyclable PolyPropylene material to protect your books against damage.

Non-stick and waterproof.

Good for various sizes of books.

Available in the following sizes:

  • 340mm x 5 meters - Suitable for F5 size.
  • 450mm x 5 meters - Suitable for A4 size.

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